Commit 1fc8b037 authored by Nolan's avatar Nolan

Wait for fat image to be unmounted.

Also wait for to complete.
parent 97151e0b
......@@ -79,11 +79,13 @@ test-linux-pczip: start-vms build/server_data.vdi
vagrant halt -f server
vagrant provision --provision-with install client
@mdel -ibuild/server.img@@1M ::/pairingkey 2>/dev/null || true
@dd conv=notrunc if=/dev/zero of=build/server.img seek=$$((0x100025)) count=1 bs=1 #FAT16 only!
vagrant ssh client -c '/vagrant/ pc' &
@echo Waiting for pairingkey to show up...
@echo Waiting for client to finish writing image...
@while ! mdir -b -ibuild/server.img@@1M ::/pairingkey 2>/dev/null; do sleep 1; done
# XXX boot server.
# XXX Wait for test completion
@while ! hd -v -s 0x100025 -n 1 build/server.img | grep -q '^00100025 00'; do sleep 1; done
# vagrant up server
wait #for vagrant run
# XXX verify that preserve.txt contains "precious\n"
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