Commit 311ebb4c authored by Nolan's avatar Nolan

Support getting TLS certs to the appstore.

parent 73e9b00c
import socketserver
import sys, os, io, argparse, json, time, docker, requests, socket
import threading, html, traceback
import sys, os, argparse, json, time, docker, requests, socket
import threading, html, traceback, subprocess
#curl_https_to_dev_null: 0m25.746s
......@@ -74,12 +74,38 @@ def progress(app, msg, state, log = True):
if log:
#XXX Need a thread to try call periodically to renew.
#XXX Need to handle being rate limited here somehow.
def get_cert(domain, keydir):
fullchain_path = os.path.join(keydir, 'fullchain.pem')
renew = os.path.exists(fullchain_path)
if renew and['openssl', 'x509', '-checkend', str(30 * 86400),
'-noout', '-in', fullchain_path]).returncode == 0:
print('getting cert for %s' % domain)
d = docker.from_env()
out =[ 'certmgr',
'--fullchain', '/keys/fullchain.pem',
'--privkey', '/keys/privkey.pem',
"renew" if renew else "new", domain, ],
image='certmgr', network='dnsdcontrol',
stdout=True, stderr=True, auto_remove=True,
volumes={ keydir: { 'bind':'/keys', 'mode':'rw' }, })
if json.loads(out.decode('us-ascii'))[0] != 0:
raise Exception("Couldn't create certificate: %s" % out)
#XXX Need to get a lot more paranoid about validating the .json.
#XXX Let json.dumps generate json, instead of building it as strings.
def start_container(appname, name, json):
d = docker.from_env()
if 'TLSCert' in json:
tlscert = json['TLSCert']
keydir = "/mnt/vol00/appcerts/%s/keys-%s" % (appname, name)
get_cert("%s.%s" % (json['hostname'], domain), keydir)
#XXX Renew certs if needed, also need to do that from a timer.
#XXX Need to do something so that apps can't steal each other's containers.
cont = d.containers.get(name)
except docker.errors.NotFound:
......@@ -101,6 +127,8 @@ def start_container(appname, name, json):
#XXX Watch out for ".." and friends in the appname/name/guestd name.
sds = {'/dev/log': {'bind':'/dev/log', 'mode':'rw'}}
if 'TLSCert' in json:
sds[keydir] = { 'bind':tlscert['keydir'], 'mode':'ro' }
for guestd in json.get('storagedirs', []):
hostd = '/mnt/vol00/appdata/%s/%s-%s' % (appname, name,
guestd.strip('/').replace('/', '-'))
......@@ -187,13 +215,12 @@ def install_app(app):
if 'reuse' in appj['containers'][img]:
print("Skipping %s-%s due to 'reuse'" % (app, img))
#XXX Thread this?
print("Installing image %s" % app + '-' + img)
install_image(app, app + '-' + img, "%s of %s" % (i+1, len(appj['containers'])))
progress(app, "Application components installed successfully, starting", 1)
start_app(app, appj)
with open('/apps/' + app_cfgfile, "wb") as f:
with open('/mnt/vol00/apps/' + app_cfgfile, "wb") as f:
progress(app, "Application started successfully", 100)
......@@ -214,7 +241,7 @@ class AppsTCPHandler(socketserver.StreamRequestHandler):
#XXX Exceptions.
if cmd == "install":
app = args[0]
if os.path.exists("/apps/" + app + ".json"):
if os.path.exists("/mnt/vol00/apps/" + app + ".json"):
self.wfile.write('[100,"App is installed"]\n'.encode())
if app in inflight:
del(inflight[app]) #General cleanliness.
......@@ -269,8 +296,7 @@ dyndns_thread.start()
#Start up all installed apps.
#XXX Parallelize this.
for app in os.scandir('/apps'):
for app in os.scandir('/mnt/vol00/apps'):
with open(app.path, 'r') as f:
appj = json.load(f)
......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ import subprocess
import sys
import syslog
import traceback
import shutil, os, stat
opts = None
log = None
......@@ -31,6 +32,12 @@ def parse_args(args = None):
a.add_argument("-t", "--test",
action = "store_true",
help = "test mode, use staging server")
a.add_argument("-f", "--fullchain",
action = "store",
help = "file to store the fullchain certificate")
a.add_argument("-p", "--privkey",
action = "store",
help = "file to store the private key")
a.add_argument("-v", "--verbose",
action = "count", default = 0,
help = "verbose, log more")
......@@ -100,12 +107,22 @@ def newcert(domain):
if out != "":
log.verbose("output from certbot:\n%s" % (out))
cert = ''
key = ''
if not opts.dryrun:
d = "/etc/letsencrypt/live/" + domain
with open(d + "/fullchain.pem") as f:
cert =
with open(d + "/privkey.pem") as f:
key =
if 'fullchain' in opts:
shutil.copy(d + "/fullchain.pem", opts.fullchain)
os.chmod(opts.privkey, stat.S_IRUSR)
with open(d + "/fullchain.pem") as f:
cert =
if 'fullchain' in opts:
shutil.copy(d + "/privkey.pem", opts.privkey)
os.chmod(opts.privkey, stat.S_IRUSR)
with open(d + "/privkey.pem") as f:
key =
return (0, (cert, key))
......@@ -145,7 +145,9 @@ fi
echo Starting app store
mkdir -p /mnt/vol00/sysdata/appstore/data
docker container create -t -v /mnt/vol00/sysdata/appstore/data:/data \
-v /mnt/vol00/apps:/apps -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
-v /mnt/vol00/appcerts:/mnt/vol00/appcerts \
-v /mnt/vol00/apps:/mnt/vol00/apps \
-v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
--name appstore appstore python3 ./ "" "$APIKEY"
docker network connect --alias="apps-control" appscontrol appstore
docker network connect --alias="dnsd-control" dnsdcontrol appstore
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