Commit 2b4b367c authored by Nolan's avatar Nolan

Update email demo from LA to Portland.

Now a Real App (TM)!
parent 3173b446
docker build --build-arg FROM_PREFIX=arm32v7/ -t spamassassin ./spamassassin
CONTAINERS += spamassassin
docker build --build-arg FROM_PREFIX=arm32v7/ -t dovecot ./dovecot
CONTAINERS += dovecot
docker build --build-arg FROM_PREFIX=arm32v7/ -t postfix ./postfix
CONTAINERS += postfix
PHONY += all
#XXX Remove the -0 from xz when things are stable.
PHONY += deploy
deploy: $(CONTAINERS)
@test $(SERVER)
docker save $? | xz -0 | pv -W | ssh root@$(SERVER) 'cat>data/sslnginx/html/apps/email.tar.xz'
scp startemail root@$(SERVER):~/data/sslnginx/html/apps/
#bash /mnt/sda1/dnsc '["init","","",3]'
#bash /mnt/sda1/dnsc '["add","mail","A",""]'
#bash /mnt/sda1/dnsc '["add","@","MX",["",10]]'
#XXX Obviously this needs to be a declarative format, downloading and running
# sh code on the host is a non-starter...
......@@ -27,3 +23,7 @@ docker network connect spam-dove dovecot
docker start dovecot
docker start spamassassin
docker start postfix
bash /mnt/sda1/dnsc '["add","imap","A",""]'
#bash /mnt/sda1/dnsc '["add","mail","A","PUBLIC_IP"]'
#bash /mnt/sda1/dnsc '["add","@","MX",["",10]]'
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